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Pre Plan a Funeral

Pre Plan a Funeral

We all usually prepare for important events in life such as weddings, birthdays, or anniversaries, but we’re often reluctant to prepare for our own funeral.

Having a sudden and unexplained death can leave your loved ones emotionally and financially distressed.

Having a pre-arranged funeral can help you decide rationally, and lessen the stress on your family at an emotional time.


Pre-planning your funeral means that you can give the funeral director the required personal information in order to register your death and obtain a death certificate.


By pre-planning, you can ensure that your life can be celebrated just the way you want it to be.



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Prepay a funeral

While pre-planning, consider prepaying as well, lessening the financial stress on your loved ones.


Prepaying is done within a Government approved Trust and can be done through a Funeral Bond with Sureplan Gold, meaning your funeral expenses will be securely paid.

How Prepaid Funeral Plans Work

We are often told by the sons and daughters of the deceased that one of the biggest gifts they have received from their parents is a prepaid funeral. But how do prepaid funeral plans work? Well, when making a prepaid funeral plan, you specify your final wishes in advance while paying today’s prices on funeral goods and services.

This method provides both financial and emotional protection to your loved ones while they are grieving at the time of your passing.

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  1.   Reduce the burden of the family – The biggest advantage of having pre-arranged funerals and pre-paid funeral plans is that it reduces the burden on your family. By being able to prepare while you are still alive, your family doesn’t need the added stress about making a mountain of decisions for a funeral.
  2. Secure an affordable price – Planning and pre-paying for your funeral allows you to lock in today’s price. This means that even as prices rise in the future, your family would not need to stress about the arrangement’s finances. 
  3. Honour your personal decisions – Many people have their own ideals of how they want their final arrangements and funerals to be. Even if you are not there anymore, it would be important to know how you wish to be laid to rest. By preparing and planning your arrangements yourself, you have complete control over how you want it to be and what type of funeral you would want to have. These decisions should ease your uncertainty regarding your end-of-life plans as Absolute Care will ensure that you understand exactly what is included in your pre paid arrangment.


Make Sure You Have an Up-to-Date Will

Having a will or an updated one will allow the probate court judge to decide how to distribute your assets to your heirs. Not having one will make your loved ones uncertain on what to do with your assets or worse, create conflicts over them.

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