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Funeral Pricing

Absolute Care Funerals will disclose information regarding the cost of specific goods and services. We’re here to discuss any out-of-pocket expenses, and payments due before entering into any agreement with you and your family.

Each funeral service is distinctive. This means that the overall expense will depend on the plans you make, and we will always meet with you to ensure that you can plan the service you desire, because you are the best person to understand your loved one.

All funerals must have certain components (such as cremation or burial) and adhere to certain legal standards. Some of these expenses are set, while others change over time. Additionally, there are a lot of components that differ from one funeral to the other, and costs will change based on your decisions.

We transport the deceased in our unmarked transfer vehicles from the family home, hospital, or aged care facility to our care facility.

For cremations and burials, we utilize all of the main and a few private crematoriums and cemeteries in Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle, Wollongong, and the Blue Mountains.

We drive your loved one in our Hearse to the crematorium, cemetery, or church.

Please find the following affordable funeral service in Sydney as examples, along with a breakdown of the related expenditures.

What Do I Need to Organize a Funeral and How Much Does a Funeral Cost?

essential care

From $2990, you can arrange to have your deceased loved one cremated without anyone being present at the crematorium. You also can arrange to hold a memorial service at a later date in a local church or another location of your preference.

  • Professional funeral directors’ fees start at $1100. (Consulting with family, setting up all required papers, showing up for the service, providing 24 hour access & care, and delivering the ashes personally)
  • Transfer within business hours: $395
  • Private cremation fee: $535
  • Elegant casket $600 (available only for private cremations)
  • Medical records required by law $290 (Cremation certificate, Medical cause of death & medical referee)
  • Certified copies of the official death certificate $70
  • Return of Ashes to Family using Registered Mail $ At Cost

Valued care

From $6600, you can choose to have your service of choice in the crematorium chapel, or a graveside service in the cemetery.

  • Professional funeral directors Fee $2145 (Coordinating with the family, setting up the required documentation, planning the event, showing up, providing 24 hour access & care, creating simple order of service booklets for up to 50 people, creating a memorial attendance book, and personally delivering the ashes)
  • Chapel & Cremation Fee (incl webcasting) or
  • $1300 Grave Opening Fee
  • Elegant casket starting at $1100
  • Celebrant or minister $400
  • From $250 for funeral flowers
  • Medical records required by law $290 (Cremation certificate, medical referee, and medical cause of death)
  • Funeral Care
    1. Basic Prep or $400
    2. Complete Prep $650
    3. Viewing in the Crematorium chapel $N/C
    4. Storage (per day) $N/C
  • Observing on-site
  • Transfer to our care (during business hours) $395
  • Certified copies of the official death certificate $70

Cost-based Optional Extras

    • Return of Ashes to Family through Registered Mail $ (at cost)
    • Publication notice
    • Grave & Headstone Price at the Cemetery.
    • Webcasting at the Grave
    • Booklets for the Order of Service (special print)
    • Preparing a slideshow with photos.


Dignified Care

Where you would want to hold a service at your church or another location, then attend the crematorium or a graveside service in the cemetery, starting at $8800

  • $2835 Professional funeral directors (Consulting with family, setting up all required paperwork, organising and attending the service at the church/venue and crematorium/graveside, 24-hour access & care, order of service booklets – simple up to 100, E-order of service, social media notification, preparation of a photo slideshow, memorial attendance book, & personal delivery of ashes)
  • Chapel & Cremation Fees (Including Webcasting) or
  • Grave opening fees for $1380
  • Elegant casket $2200
  • Celebrant/Clergy starting at $440
  • Funeral Car / Hearse $440
  • Flowers for a coffin start at $350
  • $290 for required medical records (certificate of cremation, cause of death, and medical referee)
  • Funeral Services
    1. Basic Preparation or $400
    2. $650 for complete preparation
    3. Viewing at the chapel of the crematorium $N/C
    4. Storage (daily) $N/C
  • Observing on-site
  • Transfer into our custody (during business hours) $395
  • $70 for an official death certificate and certified copies.
  • Book of Memorial Attendance $N/C

Cost-based Optional Extras

    • Booklets for the Order of Service (special print greater than 100)
    • Notice in a newspaper
    • Grave and headstone in a cemetery cost
    • Webcasting at the Church and the Grave